LiveWire Band

LiveWire is a band that was conceived from the beginning with the purpose of sounding good.  That means real musicians, real music, real energy that brings the crowd to the dance floor.  Whether a wedding, music festival, or local club, LiveWire provides the best music and sound for any venue. With a four-piece rhythm and vocal core, a selection of talented female lead vocalists, and up to a three-piece horn section, we cover an extremely broad range of music, from The Beatles to Stevie Wonder to Bruce Springsteen to Kings of Leon.  We take time to make our music fit your event and make your experience one to remember.  Join our mailing list or "like" us on Facebook for updates, or contact us for a price quote.   We look forward to being the band for your next event!

Beautiful Dreamer Band

Years in the making, we have built a repertoire of everybody’s favorite Beach Boys classics - the Sun, Surf, and Hot Rod songs are all part of our show - along with the deeper tracks from Today, Summer Days Summer Nights, Pet Sounds, and beyond.


Studio 1311

Nestled in the quiet countryside of Chester Heights, Pennsylvania, on historic Smithbridge Rd, Studio 1311 is minutes away from Philadelphia and Delaware. Artists have traveled from Maine, California, Kentucky, West Virginia, New York City, Delaware, Florida, Georgia and Maryland to have their dream and sound captured in this rustic musical haven. Built in 1875, this carriage house was once used as a telecommunications office.

Attention to the artist's vision is paramount and their comfort is the top priority; allowing them to focus on their dream project and come out with a product that exceeds their expectations.

We like to make great records. Records that will make you proud and reflect the hard work that you've put into your music.