New Website!!!

Welcome to

It’s been MONTHS in the making… with a HUGE thank you to Tim Dorsey for the initial layout, organization, account work, setup, and for doing 95% of the work - and some last minute aesthetic and organizational support from Dáwit Sisay. Thank you, my dear friends.

So, here it is, friends; my new website. The last website I had was an iWeb website - and that was up until last year!!!

The site will be the home to all things in my world: Projects (past, present, and future), music, performance dates, and eventually video content. Check back often for updates. Meanwhile, I’ll be attempting to fill out this blog post whenever possible and I’m considering creating a space for educational content as well.

Thank you for taking a moment to stop by and peruse. I hope I get to see you soon at a gig or work with you on an upcoming project.

All the best!